A Path to Patience

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Potential agitation sources permeate our daily existence. There is the missing stuff, the spilled stuff, the broken stuff, the stuff in the way and the stuff we forgot.  There is bad traffic, poor weather, sick pets, slow internet speed, crowded stores and delayed appointments. And then of course there are our many interactions with other people, some of which are less than optimal. 

Patient people handle those agitation sources gracefully, people with road rage do not. Although I certainly make loud exclamations in my car from time to time, my personal impatience manifests itself predominately as tension. I also have a propensity to interrupt people mid-sentence, or even mid thought, if I think I got their point. A charming trait I know! 

So to boost my personal well being and to fine tune my interpersonal skills, I have embarked on a journey to embrace the proverbial phrases; patience is a virtue and good things come to those who wait [gracefully].

Here is my plan:

Step 1: Consciously note impatient behavior and the associated triggers.

Step 2: Frequently think about the word patience, literally, which trains the brain to consider it a priority.   

Step 3: Visualize an agitation source and then imagine a patient response. Repeat. 

Step 4: Engage in mental distraction when exposed to an agitation source.

Step 5: Breathe slowly to release any building tension.

Step Utopia:  Do less.  

Does this mean I will try to ignore inefficiencies? Absolute not! But I do hope to become a better listener and have fewer snappy behavioral moments.  

What are your tricks for cultivating patience?

"Patience is the best remedy for every trouble." 
— Plautus

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  1. Patience, patience, patience.... it's so hard!