Wednesday, April 9, 2014

It is very empowering to be the person with all the answers, especially if knowing all those answers aligns perfectly with what is expected from us. When it comes to child rearing women are of course the presumed experts, our very value as women tied to this expertise. Furthermore, this does not remotely undermine the male identity because caregiving does not a man make. 

The challenge with this reality is threefold:

First, women need more free time if we are to pursue public realm opportunities on equal footing with our male coworkers, and this cannot be accomplished if we remain the sole domestic knowledge expert.

Second, there is plenty of research highlighting that children benefit tremendously from having deeply involved fathers. Don’t we ultimately want what is best for our children?

Third, in the name of equality why should men not be afforded the opportunity to fully coparent?

Relinquishing domestic control is a logical step but an emotionally hard one for many of us as so much is tied to that control, including our identify.

But when we do, oh does it ever have its rewards…

This video is of my son and his father years ago but it is my absolute favorite. 

"Most American children suffer too much mother and too little father." 
— Gloria Steinem

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  1. Well said! And that video is hilarious :)