Inspirational Experiences

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Inspirational experiences are great career boosters. I am personally really fired up after attending the Professional Business Women of California conference in San Francisco yesterday ( Over five thousand participants seeking the same end goal, gender equality.  

The first thing that struck me was the vibe, the tone of camaraderie expressed via smiles, kind gestures, small talk and compliments. It was easy to meet very interesting women and the setting cultivated stimulating exchanges with colleagues, leaving me feeling super energized by being in a sea of like-minded people.  

The second thing was the caliber of speakers literally expanding my mind through the day. My interpretation of the overarching theme was personal authenticity. As examples, powerhouse Arianna Huffington talked about thriving, Sheila Heen humorously covered personal growth, charismatic Martha Beck provided guidance on riding the wave of change, and Diane Keaton ended the day being hilariously and uncontrollably self-authentic.  

And then there were the scholarship recipients. Fresh faced, articulate and amazingly accomplished young women. Yes they left me with a pang of longing for standing so confident at the very cusp of adulthood but they also flooded me with hope because if these women are a sample of what is to come, the world will only get better and I will eventually end up with a spectacular daughter in law.

Did I go home and end it there. No!  Following the conference I was lucky enough to have an enlightening exchange with Cheryl Jennings, one of the great conference hosts, on the topic of personal finance management in marriage. And let me tell you, Cheryl is the embodiment of everything I associate with the word lovely. A perfect night cap to a day of soul feasting!

So thank you very much PBWC for the inspirational experiences and see you again next year. 
“The key is to keep company only with people who uplift you,
whose presence calls forth your best.”


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