My Kickass Mother

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

This picture is of my mother in her twenties with my older sister and I.. 

With Mother’s Day approaching it seems only fitting to write about my kickass mother, yes I said it… kickass! My mother did not go to high school nor did she come from circumstances encouraging non-domestic skill advancement.  She married very young, had my older sister at nineteen and yet when I was growing up my mother had a career.

She was initially a stewardess and then started her own business in our basement selling homemade crafts, a business that morphed into a fashion/interior design boutique downtown, which she ran successfully to her recent retirement. Sure the service and retail industry can be considered a natural extension of the female domain but my mother ran her boutique with true entrepreneurial spirit and killer business instinct.    

I spent many hours in my mother’s boutique, not always willingly. She bought me to fashion shows and purchase meetings with her vendors. I had to help collate her many promotional schemes, I acted as a “model” for some of her advertisements and I saw all the many challenges of running a small business firsthand.  

I have since then realized that through this exposure I got early insight into valuable business skills such as deal negotiation, sales, marketing, customer service and staff management, and I am extremely grateful for the path my mother paved for me by striking out on her own.

How did your mother influence the person you are today?

We take a lot for granted as second wave feminists,
what our mothers and aunts did for us.
Vera Farmiga


  1. My mother taught me to be healthy and to love gardening!

    1. Health and love what more can you ask for! :)

  2. Miss Luise - What a great post and picture. I was struck by how much you resemble your mom in that picture. And now I know where you get your kickass spirit from :)

    1. Thank you Miss Charlotte as always you are so very generous!