Sunday, May 11, 2014

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I actually enjoy working in the office.  I like talking to people face to face, find it easier to create or solve things in person and thrive on the social interactions.  I get motivated by the energetic buzz around me and find it easier to keep up with the latest company news when present.  Also let me not forget the pleasure I take in our excellent snack selection plus I have a little bit of a Vitamin Zero addiction that needs fueling.  

So I do understand why companies want their staff in the office. Yet I can say with a high level of confidence that if I could not work from home when needed, my family life would be very adversely impacted which would in return reduce my work productivity due to mental preoccupation. You are all familiar with the four hour repair window, signed deliveries, sick kid etc. If I had to use my vacation time for all those situations there would be none left!  See my blog post on Breaking Bad for more on workations.

For this reason I do not currently have future career plans with Yahoo or Best Buy, and unfortunately for those companies much female talent feel the same way and that is a great loss for both parties. I recognize the potential challenge of keeping remote employees motivated and engaged. However, I think it is a manageable obstacle that many companies have already successfully addressed through specifically tailored programs and technology.  In return these companies have better staff retention and satisfaction, as well as more flexibility in recruiting as they are not tied by locale.

I personally consider the option to work from home a great, but necessary and highly prioritized, privilege. 

How valuable is WFH to you?

“A true balance between work and life comes with knowing that your life
activities are integrated, not separated.” 
Michael Thomas Sunnarborg


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    1. Thank you Shilpi for checking out the blog! :)

  2. Working from home is the only way to make things work sometimes!