Miffed by the Prospect of Menopause

Sunday, June 15, 2014

I am not menopausal nor have I gone through menopause so I obviously don’t know what is in store for me but if the experience of those nearest and dearest to me is any indication, it is unlikely to be a fun fest.  Sure there is the great allure of living a period free life, a concept that is almost intoxicating to me, but I know better than to be tempted by such phantom ideas. I learned this the hard way when I was in my third trimester of pregnancy thinking a new born infant would be less exhausting than the never ending pressure on my bladder. HA!

I went to see Menopause the Musical this week and I certainly found it entertaining but not nearly as hilarious as other women in the audience, who judging by their age and reactions could directly relate to the content. By the time all the songs were done I was personally feeling quite miffed by the prospect of menopause; Hot flashes, body aches, night sweats, memory loss, deflated libido, potential weight gain, mood swings and depression. It seemed like buying the musical sound track on my way out as a long term laugh investment would be a wise move.  So I did.

What got me thinking about menopause to begin with was an article in AARP magazine by Sandra Tsing Loh; “It’s My Menopause, Darn It!” She wrote about how her menopausal experience is different than her mother’s because women no longer have to ensure it silently and alone. Perhaps we don’t even have to endure as intensely if we make healthy life style choices and combine those with some alternative and traditional treatments. Menopause the Musical had an entire song on pharmaceuticals! But perhaps I am just being too hopeful.

Hope is the only remedy though for my miffed feelings. I just think we women have endured enough by the time we hit midlife, and instead of being served with a round of menopause we should get an actual break. How about bursts of unnatural energy and vitality for example combined with an increase in metabolism only slowed by consuming chocolate? So I fuel my hope by looking to all the many examples of powerful, creative and successful women that are in the menopausal age range and seem to deal with it decently, at least in public. And then I take solace in knowing that I will not have to go it alone!

“This is the time! Ready, set, menopalooza!”
Sandra Tsing Loh

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  1. Can't say I am looking forward to menopause but at least I won't be alone - we all go through it at some point.